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Advanced Stages of HD
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Advanced Stages of HD

Stated in positive terms from the person's point-of-view.


"I've quietly resigned myself to needing others to care for me, to sustain me.

I can't show them, but I'm more concerned for the welfare of those around me than I am for myself.  We know we're there for each other."

Advanced Stage

The advanced stages of Huntington's typically involve fewer involuntary movements and experience more rigidity. People in this stage of HD can no longer manage the activities of daily living, and they usually require professional nursing care.

Difficulties with swallowing, communi-ation and weight loss are common.

Choking on food becomes a major concern, as does the weight loss. At this stage people with HD are totally dependent on others for all aspects of care, they can no longer walk, and not able to communicate their needs.

People do not die from HD itself but rather from a complication of the disease, such as choking, pneumonia, heart failure or infection developing from the body's weakened condition. Death generally occurs about 15 to 20 years after onset.
Although cognitive abilities are severely impaired, it is important to remember that the person is generally still aware of his/her environment, remains able to comprehend language, and remains an awareness of loved ones and others.
He/she may continue to enjoy looking at photographs and hearing stories of family and friends.