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Warning Signs of Swallowing Problems
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Warning Signs of Swallowing Problems

Any one of these signs could indicate a serious problem with swallowing. Consult your physician or nursing supervisor immediately.

  • Clearing the throat frequently.
  • A voice that sounds wet or "gurgles".
  • Spoken or nonverbal expressions about fear of eating, swallowing, or choking.
  • A delay in swallowing after food has been chewed.
  • Holding food or liquid in the mouth without swallowing it.
  • Exaggerated movements of the jaw, lips, or tongue.
  • Tilling the head back to eat or drink.
  • Swallowing several times on one bite.
  • Food or liquid falling out of the mouth.
  • Food left in the mouth after swallowing it or finishing a meal.
  • Coughing during or after the meal.
  • Fatigue or exhaustion after or during the meal.
  • Significant weight loss over time.