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Pressure Ulcer Guideline
Don't Forget-Quick Reminders
The below links are not be available due to "time out".  However you can access this information by clicking on ->Consumer's Guides-National Library of Medicine 
  • Go  to "AHCPR Supported Guidelines
  • Click the "Consumer Guides (English) or (Spanish)
  • Go to the bottom of page and hit "submit" 
 You'll be taken to the page with "Pressure Uclers in Adults (Consumer Guideline) which contains all of the below information.  Per above, available in English or Spanish.
If you go to AHCPR Supported Guidelines
Click Clinical Practice Guidelines and you'll gain access to:
3. Pressure Ulcers in Adults (Clinical Guideline) (for physicians)
Pressure Uclers in Adults (Consumer Guideline)

Pressure Ulcer Treatment (Consumer's Guide)

 Interactive Table of Contents

Consumer Version Clinical Practice Guideline #15: Treatment of Pressure U...
What Is a Pressure Sore?
Purpose of This Booklet
Your Role
spacer Treatment Plan
spacer Note to Caregivers
Helping Pressure Sores Heal
  Pressure Relief
  Pressure Sore Care
Good Nutrition
Pain and Infection
   Managing Pain
  Treating Infection
Checking Your Progress
    Examining the Sore
    Signs to Report

Changing the Treatment Plan
Other Treatment Choices
Care of Healthy Skin
For More Information
spacer Be Active in Your Care
spacer Additional Resources
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Service
Table 1. Basic Steps of Pressure Sore Care
Table 2. Recipe for Making Saline (Salt Water)
Table 3. Signs of Infection
Figure 1. Pressure Sore Stages
Figure 2. Pressure Points
Figure 3. Hand Check to Assess Pressure Relief
Figure 4. Best Position While on Side
Figure 5. Keep Heels off Bed
Figure 6. Head of Bed Raised 30 Degrees
Figure 7. Best Position While Sitting
Figure 8. Plastic Bag Method of Removing Bandages