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Altered Sexuality in HD
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Altered Sexuality
Published by HOPES
(Huntington's Outreach Project for Education, at Stanford University)

A very common behavioral symptom of HD is altered sexuality. One possible cause of this symptom is that HD damages the brains ability to regulate the amount of sex drive a person has.

Another possible cause is that the delicate balance of hormones in the brain is disrupted by the progression of HD, causing changes in behaviors regulated by hormone levels.

Most commonly, people with HD suffer from a decreased sex drive. Increased sex drive and inappropriate sexual behavior are less common alterations of sexuality resulting from HD.

While altered sexuality can be due to the progression of HD, a decreased sex drive may also be caused by depression or apathy, other behavioral symptoms of HD.

Inappropriate sexual behavior can be secondary to disinhibition. However, the inheritance of HD does not cause an end to ones sexuality.

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